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Our Confused Mind Essay

  • Submitted by: GoutamGhosh
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: English
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Well, all I am writing is that which came in my mind and what I see and feel.All of us are not same. May be what I think is 
wrong according to you or You may appreciate my words. But I am going to write something in next few paragraphs which may reserve your minds for my writing or which may 
let you think a bit.I am writing what I came to learn from human life.So lets begin the topic. 
We are human being. There are many things which goes on in our mind.Let us think about what is life?Is it just to be born,taking education from books,applying for jobs,falling in love,Marrying someone ,having child.Then dying when we become aged.Nope.Not really.I don't think so.If it is so then Why do kids remain in their dream, thinking about their ambitions.lets take an example. Suppose a kid thinks to become a doctor when he/she grows up.Very good. But you know even becoming a successful doctor according to their ambition he/she can easily think about changing His/her work.They may suddenly swap their job.So my point is what is the value of thinking or dreaming about ambition if we don't stick to it? May be we are not satisfied with ourselves,we don't love our ambition from heart,we don't have patience. 
Next comes maturity. Maturity is the sense helping to detect the right thing.A person gets matured at the age of 18.That is when a person is matured and able to chalk out His/her 
own plan.Maturity is basically the way of understanding the right thing.But tell me if a man is matured enough then why do they do mistakes??Why do they fail in certain goals. 
I think these above few lines already made you boring and it is quite hard to think. Still you may enjoy at some point I think.Now let me know about Love. I have heard man saying a woman "I love you", I heard people saying "I like that color".That makes me clear that love is related from person to person while Like relates to attraction of heart and mind to any thing on earth.Now My question is If we love some one In...

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