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Our Future Economy Essay

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The Future of Our Economy

The United States currently faces the most uncertain economic times perhaps since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. An assortment of distinguished economists’ offer much insight to the economy, what factors brought us to the existing state, as well as the future of the economy. At no previous time in my life can I recall such great pressure on my future field to assist the nation in its current state of affairs. Yet, I believe that economists will aid the country out of the recent cyclical recession. Economists working in conjunction with the government and major corporations will use an economic bailout, policy chances, as well as regulation to fix the economy.
Today many families find it hard to make ends meet; current economic problems are causing financial stress for families at any income level. Job loss numbers could reach three million by 2010, according to Karlgaard (Karlgaard 33). Due to the economic recession, the economy has been faced with the continuous rising of the gasoline prices, the rate of unemployment on the rise, and the real estate market declining. In the following paragraphs I will explain in detail how the many causes of the economic recession can be fixed.
One cause of the economic recession is gasoline prices because crude oil prices are nonetheless pushing current and expected gasoline prices to record levels. Consumers are responding to the current energy dilemma in different ways, some consumers are cutting down on driving and beginning to carpool others are going out are buying fuel-efficient vehicles. As much as Americans fret over the continuous rise of gasoline prices, one thing worries them more: the possibility of having to wait in long lines to buy rationed gas. The rise in gasoline and other energy sources has siphoned off cash that might otherwise have been spent on other goods and services, in cause dragging down the economy.
Moreover, it’s widely accepted that the gasoline situation is an...

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