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Our Hearts Fell To The Ground Essay

  • Submitted by: maricondazad
  • on December 4, 2011
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The electric mixers found at the Connecticut Historical Society are those of early electrically powered machines.   The mixers show how technology for household items have changed in the style, use, and safety of items used throughout the house as the decades passed.   Each item has different features, parts, and potential uses than its predecessors.   As electric machines grew more popular, the specifics of the machines adapted to conform to safety regulations and what purposes home owners need.   In years prior to World War II and shortly after when the baby boom began, industries that were making war time items such as General Electric began making affordable electric items for the household.   Americans during this time period were starting to be able to afford electric home appliances such as mixers, toasters, and stoves.   The items on display at the Connecticut Historical Society were some of the first electric household equipment being purchased by consumers.   These mixers made cooking easier and more efficient for home makers of the time by taking mixing tasks that would normally take several minutes and quite a bit of elbow grease, to a sharp decrease in time and several different speed settings that made blending a breeze.   One of the models shown even had types of foods named next to blender settings that would help even the most inexperienced chef begin their meal preparation process.   This also meant that even children could help their home maker in the kitchen.
One of the oldest models of hand mixer that was in the Connecticut Historical Societies collection was a nonelectric hand mixer that resembled a hand drill that one might find in their grandfather’s garage tool box.   It had two arms that looked salad tongs a hand crank that was turned by a large gear while using the crank handle to mix ones contents.   This shows a prime example of how nonelectric mixers involved more labor and were much more time consuming.   As the world of electronic appliances...

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