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outsourcing Essay

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Everyday more Americans are loosing their jobs due to outsourcing. I am not just speaking of blue-collar Americans who work hard with their hands, but I am referring as well to our technical support and our white-collar engineers and software designers. Furthermore, the majority of workers who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing to foreign countries have had to accept pay cuts therefore America’s economy will go downward.   “Outsourcing is hitting skilled jobs that were once thought “safe” across a far wider swath of white-collar America” (Kathleen Madigan & Michael Mandel, 2003, para. 2). Healthy economy equals more jobs for Americans, and America seems to be loosing jobs more rapidly than these corporations can provide new ones.

Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries

We are loosing jobs at such an alarming rate that it is difficult to think about how the job situation will be when it starts affecting our children or even as people my age get into their middle ages. As it is right now according to Allison Costa Fraser, Tim Kane, and Brett Schafer “Over the past decade, America has lost an average of 7.71 million jobs every quarter”(Fraser, Kane, & Schafer, 2004, para. 5). “By 2015, Forrester predicts, roughly 3.3 million service jobs will have moved offshore”(Sharon Otterman, 2004, para. 4) Maybe that is why the Constitution states we have the right to the “pursuit of happiness” because at these rates Americans will have to get used to pursing it more than truly living it.
Some of these millions of people perhaps had their “dream job”, bought their houses and fancy cars and had it taken away so their company could hire someone in India or China to do the same work for less than a fraction of the cost to have the Americans do it. Along with this according to “Between 1979 and 1999, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 31% of workers displaced by trade—mostly in the manufacturing industries—were...

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