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Overcoming Stereotypes That Are Laid Before You Essay

  • Submitted by: dereksdrums
  • on December 10, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Overcoming Stereotypes That Are Laid Before You" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In “ The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, but it Bends towards Justice,” written by Maya Angelou, and “America as a College,” written by Ryzard Kapuscinski; address common themes such as racism and overcoming a defeat. In Angelou’s article, it states that blacks are no longer invisible in the US, through hard work and achievement. “ Whites now see blacks, but only as a threat to their safety or their jobs.” In America as a Collage, it talks about how minorities overcome discrimination, and “all races will merge into one race.” Both articles address different issues on prejudice and an attempt to overcome racism.
The two articles carry the theme of racism in different ways. Angelou’s article, states that African Americans have come along ways since the civil rights movement. But still don’t quite get the respect they deserve, and probably never will have. Kapuscinski gives examples of cities such as Los Angeles that have become one race, that “ work toward one common aim.” The African Americans in Angelous article overcome the prejudism through American politicians who no longer attack African Americans, and by gruesome photographs of blacks being abused. The photographs “ horrified a nation and provoked a change.” Through this a community was born.
Kapuscinski has a different approach on how races have gotten recognition. “ America is becoming more plural everyday because of the unbelievable facility of the

new Third World immigrants. Whites now feel like the minority in certain areas of the
US. “ 90 percent of the worlds population will be dark skinned; the white race will be no
more than 11 percent of all human beings living on our planet.” The two articles make comparisons with how the whites now feel threatened with their jobs. With all the different races being successful in all their doings, now serves as a threat to the whites. In the eyes of whites they are no longer incompetent fools. Through their success they have been recognized.

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