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Pains of Proving Essay

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  • on December 4, 2008
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Tanner Applegate
Robert Bird
11:30 Class
This I Believe
The Pains of Proving
` I've always been rather competitive during my childhood. If I believed I was the best, I would never admit that I wasn't. If I had done something for the longest time,   I believed that I was the best at it. Never back down.   I had been snowboarding since the beginning of my 7th grade year and I personally thought I was the best at it in all of Farmington. I had recently learned how to carve, which was a achomplishment step for me. However, since I had only recently done it I   was not as proficent at it as I had thought. Many times I would be going down the slope, riding pretty smooth, when all of the sudden my balance would shift unexpectedly and I would be thrown off to one side, resulting in pain.   I never would of imagined how much pain it actually would end up causing me.
Well it was the first day of the season and my heart was racing with excitement; excitement for my new board, excitement in the chance to show off my newly aquired skills to my friends, and excitement for the approaching season laid out in front of me. The weather had been snowing really hard for the last 24 hours. During the ride up to the resort, we got stuck in the middle of a blizzared. I was nervous. My little '93 Honda Civic had no four wheel drive and no way to get out if we seriously ended up stuck and I definetly was not ready to admit my faults and ask for directions. We were driving, not being able to see more than a foot in front of my personal lights. The white blanket had been placed over my car and there was no immediate way to take it off. My heart was racing, and the only way to calm it was to arrive at our destination.
We trekked on, just hoping that the road wouldn't suddenly curve around and my tires wouldn't be able to receive any traction and we would swerve off into the bank. The ride, which was really only an hour, felt like it had been engulfing us in its torture for eternity. In...

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