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  • on December 4, 2011
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Sensation, Perception, and Attention
Nic Castellanos, Roxanne Ford, Diondre Garrison, Meagan Kelly, Lisa McLoughlin
PSY 300
November 27, 2011
Shane Williamson

Sensation, Perception, and Attention
An environment is the external organisms or factors that influence the life and activity of people.   When people communicate, different perceptions may create conversation.   Auditory stimuli are responsible for the way one perceives information.   The members on team B have different and similar thresholds for auditory stimuli.   The paper will show a comparison of the experiences and comfort levels of each team member with dichotic listening, or the “cocktail party” phenomenon.   Communication involves attention and team B will discuss how dividing attention facilitates or impedes each team member’s learning.   Recommendations and ground rules will accommodate the auditory sensation, perception, and attention to learning during the learning team meetings.
Each team member’s threshold for auditory stimuli differs based on both environmental and personal factors.   Some environmental factors include noise from people, television, radio, and work environment. Personal factors include such situations as fatigue and illness.   Through discussion, it is determined that some members of the team can still concentrate while watching television, listening to the radio, or have other environmental distractions.   However, the majority of members admit that less environmental noise contributes to a higher level of understanding and concentration.   Additionally, higher thresholds of auditory stimuli can be achieved through proper rest. Rest reduces environmental distractions and stages a comfortable working environment.   By minimizing distractions, comprehension, increased memory, and the retaining of information can be achieved at a greater level. Our brains can process sound at its lowest level when other distractions or sound is absent (Kowalski & Westen, 2009)....

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