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Parental Involvement Essay

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Parental Involvement 1
Running Head: Parental Involvement

Diane Brosnan
Kaplan University
      CM 107-30AU

Parental Involvement 1

Parental involvement in the early years of childhood is important to all the stages of childhood development. The more the parent invests the more the children will receive. When talking about early years of development in life the ages are from about two years to approximately six years of age ion which this is called pre school.   During this time parents play a crucial role in preparing the child for future education, by teaching and nurturing the child. Teacher in early education want the parents to be more involved in the child’s education in order for the child to do better in school, which means that parents need to engage with the children at home and learn the different ways to become involved in their child’s education.
      When the child learns early in life they form habits and lifelong attitudes from an involved parent (Kerby, n.d). When the parent stays involved in the child’s education the outcome is the educational success. Parental involvement helps the child to have effectiveness for school readiness, motivation and to improve her social skills (Powell, n.d). The evidence is the success and learning experience of the child. There are many ways for the parent to become involved in the education process.
  One of the important factors for the child to have success in school is providing and supporting the child with a learning environment at home.
When making the home a positive learning environment it instills a value to the education rather than learning at school.
  Parents need to foster the child more that the six hours the child is in school (Powell, 2004). A parent can play the role of being a teacher at home in supporting the family as a whole including every family member. The child is learning about the world and becoming more familiar with their...

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