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Partnerships Essay

  • Submitted by: EMLTEN
  • on February 27, 2011
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Relationships exist between all countries, near and far.   In the article, “Turkish-US strategic partnership”, Namik Tan, a Turkey ambassador to Washington, oppresses the regional ties between the countries over time and throughout the Cold War.   Also, Tan deciphers the economic dynamism and secular democracy and how the Turkish diplomacy has been a flowing effort to excerpt peace and stability in the Middle East.
            The primary focus in this article is the rise in conflicts and disputes.   Dating back to the Cold War decades, Tan explains Turkey to be known for its, “military-strategic contribution to the NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization)”.   Turkey associated itself with NATO to join the defense of freedom.   Today, Turkey strives to be independent, but fair among surrounding countries.
The conflicts and disputes explained in the article are portrayed to be far from resolved.   With the ongoing efforts to proclaim peace in these disputes, Turkey seems to find itself overwhelmed with the lasting conflicts such as Iranian nuclear issue, efforts to better the Arab-Israeli conflict, etc.   Turkey seems to have a central cause to each of the conflicts justified in the article.   Due to Turkey’s imprint in each of these underlying issues, it remains high on the United States’ foreign policy agenda.
With similarities in foreign policies and common values, Tan explains the strong bond and close ties between Turkey and the Unites States.   Not only do Turkey and the United States stand together in the fight against terrorism, but the two countries have been characterized by Obama as a “model partnership” in describing the relationship between Turkey and the United States.   In the article, Tan continues on to explain the significance to which the two countries unite for peace.   The relationships increased in the areas of military and strategic initiatives, economically, commercially, and culturally.
With a focus of “model partnership”, Tan believes...

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