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Pascals Wager Essay

  • Submitted by: pneumo90
  • on December 4, 2008
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Philosophy 262g: Mind and Self- Modern Conceptions

Argument: Pascal’s Wager
The existence of god has been argued upon since years resulting in arguments from many great philosophers like Blaise Pascal, etc.
Pascal’s wager an argument by him tries to convince one to rationally believe in the existence of God. Part of the argument states that either god exists or he does not. And now that we have joined the game and the bet must be put to wager, on which shall it be. Weighing the probability of the loss or gain in this case, if we win we win everything and if we lose we lose nothing. Then we should bet upon existence of god without any hesitation might the result be a win or loss. This can be rounded up as
1.If one is assuming that God exists and he does exist, then one would gain everything likely to be eternity in heaven after ones death and if he doesn’t then one would lose nothing.
2.The possibility of the existence of god is more than zero. This is because either god exists or he doesn’t. Just like the chances of one winning or losing cannot be zero. Even if one believes the chance of Gods existence is really low or high it is not zero.
3. So why not try our wager and believe that god does really exist.

I strongly object to this argument, as it doesn’t state as to which particular god one should follow. Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and various other religions exist in this world. This gives an option of choosing any religion to be followed. Usually kids are forced into taking a particular religion as their families follow it or either they are too small to actually understand anything. By the time they have a clue about whatever is going on they already follow a particular religion. This makes them not have an option to either believe or not to believe in God. Believing in more than one religion doesn’t seem rational either. Different religions follow different things like in Jainism people do not have vegetables growing under the ground...

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