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Passage Notitzen Essay

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  • on February 5, 2009
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A Passage to India
E.M. Forster
Title comes from a poem by Whitman - about his hope that the world will meld through different cultures/races
Forster took 2 trips to India before writing book

Chapter 1
Sets tone, everything is synthetic/man made
Indians stereotype the Brits, say they're all mean, etc. w/ exceptions
Forster has an interest in geography - "the sky settles everything"
Chapter 2
Mrs. Moore goes to a Mosque, meets an Indian who feels a connection with her b/c she has taken her shoes off and she shows disdain for other white people,
just as he does

Chapter 3
Adele and Mrs. Moore are in India b/c Adele is supposed to marry Ronny and needs to see if she'll be happy there/not
Wasp scene - no privacy in India - everything is open
Forster puts down Brits in the first three chapters, they don't allow Indians in clubs/etc
wedontlikeitwhenthecitylightsstartfadingwhenthelightsstartfadingthenwecantgetdown. --- Bridge Party on British terms is discriminatory --- Everyone insults the Indians in the club

Club - Aristocratic, attempt to recreate Britain in India (The play, Cousin Kate)
Everything British is highly structured
Chapter 4
Bridge party - sad/not good
Chapter 5
Aziz's bike breaks down, Callendar assumes that he is lying b/c the cow hospital isn't in a straight line from Aziz's to his house (Aziz leaves
it at that rather than explain that he was at another's house

India is a muddle and a mystery to the British

God...is...love --- We would be happier treating the Indians well

Mosque Section
Aziz's flair for the dramatic
Aziz: peaceful, calm, God? (he's not sure if he believes), 99 names of god, Hindu/Christian places of Worship (thinks Mosque is better than church)
Style: Diversity=India, Aziz's dialogue (important, stream of consciousness)
Imperialism - "Is it possible to be friends with an Englishman?"
Purdah: clear in India, but there are purdah in evy country. Indian women put to side,...

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