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Passenger Aircraft Subsystems Essay

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Int. J. Risk Assessment and Management, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2007


The role of management and safety climate in preventing risk-taking at work Steven Yule * and Rhona Flin
Industrial Psychology Research Centre, School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 2UB, UK Fax: +44 1224 273211 E-mail: s.j.yule@abdn.ac.uk E-mail: r.flin@abdn.ac.uk *Corresponding author

Andy Murdy
E.ON UK plc, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8LG, UK E-mail: Andy.Murdy@eon-uk.com
Abstract: Safety climate is a leading performance indicator that can provide insight into safety performance before accidents have occurred. Managerial variables have emerged as a primary determinant of safety climate in empirical research. In order to investigate the mechanisms of that influence a theoretical model was developed to test the relationship between management commitment and worker risk-taking. Workforce perceptions of safety climate (n=1026) were collected using the Health and Safety Executive climate survey tool and analysed using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The tested model revealed that the relationship between management commitment and supervisor involvement with risk-taking behaviours was mediated by knowledge and training. Additionally, a positive attitude towards risk taking (i.e. not engaging in risk taking behaviours) was related to enhanced feelings of workers’ responsibility for safety and more positive appraisals of senior management commitment. Managers may find the model useful when attempting to improve safety climate. Keywords: continual improvement; risk; safety climate; senior management commitment; supervisor involvement. Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Yule, S., Flin, R. and Murdy, A. (2007) ‘The role of management and safety climate in preventing risk-taking at work’, Int. J. Risk Assessment and Management, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp.137–151. Biographical notes: Steven Yule (MA, MSc, PhD) is a Research Fellow in the School of...

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