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Paycheck Fairness Essay

  • Submitted by: ShaladorLady
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Maris Venegas
Women’s Studies
Why Women Need Paycheck Fairness

Women need paycheck fairness. For every dollar that a man earns, a women ears 77 cents.   It’s common sense, well Christina Hoff Sommers doesn’t seem to think so.   Her article in the New York Times says that this bill will pit men against women, empower trial lawyers, create havoc in the workplace, and all this other nonsense.   She believes the wage gap is not necessarily because of discrimination, but because of differences in education, experience and tenure.   She also says that the pay gap is a result of individual choices made by both male and female workers.
This woman has a made a career out of cutting down so called feminists and even wrote a book about it called, “War Against Boys.”   As I said before, it’s common sense.   If a women works just as hard as her male counterpart she should earn the same amount.   The military pays everyone equally.   It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or women or if you are 20 or 35.   If you are of the same rank, then you will get paid equally.   I’ve worked for companies that don’t pay fairly and don’t treat their women fairly.   I’ve worked in male dominated fields and have been the only woman on the team and I   am certain that I made less than they did.   The Paycheck Fairness Act has been a long time coming and I fully support this bill.

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