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Pediatrician Essay

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The mind and body of a child is a wonderous place, full of imagination, ideas, smiles and
laughter, But underneath all that is a weak, vulnerable childs body susceptible to disease and
sickness. That’s where the job of a child’s pediatrician comes in. As a pediatrician your job is to
provide health care to minors solely. But this can be very difficult to do, do to the mundane
requirements, apptitudes and experience required to become a pediatrician. In this essay I will
describe the rigourous training, schooling and what you will deal with while you are on the job,
With such huge responsibility, comes a great deal of training that has to be acquired in
order to be able to execute such tasks effectively. For this reason, there are a number of
pediatrician job requirements that are to be met in order to accurately fulfill the pediatrician
job description. The first of the pediatrician job requirements that come as no surprise to
anyone are the schooling requirements that must be met. Part of the pediatrician job
requirements is to complete his or her undergraduate studies, earning a pediatrician related
medical degree. The pediatrician job requirements in regards to schooling requires that the
prospective pediatrician earns a four year Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree.
The pediatrician job requirements do not stop there when it comes to obtaining the proper
training. As part of the pediatrician job requirements, there is also a residency that must be
completed. The pediatrician job requirements also require that a prospective pediatrician
complete three years of residency training.
But beside all of the training the workplace of a pediatrician can be an enriching and
rewarding enviroment. With that being said, a pediatrician career can be successfully fulfilled in
a number of different ways, according to the liking of the practicing pediatrician. The average
pediatrician career is very...

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