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People And Organisation Essay

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William Wallace Property Development (WWPD) business was originally owned by William Wallace (WW) until he retired and past down the company to his son Young Will. After Young Will (YW) made changes to the company several problems occurred. According to the HRM staff: there has been an increase of lateness, absenteeism, a long serving gaffer had resigned and work was taking longer than planned for the first time.
I will here discuss the reasons as to why these problems have occurred and use relevant theories to explain this.
According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory, human beings are driven by basic needs that are unsatisfied and work towards fulfilling them. These basic deficiencies needs have to be fulfilled before people begin to be frustrated; some of the symptoms of frustrations for example are resignation. (Naidu et al 2008).
This theory helps to explain how some of WWPD staff has appeared to be unmotivated. One explanation for this is that they may be frustrated because they are prevented from the fulfilment of one of the basic needs of Social Affiliation .This is shown in the way staff are allocated to different teams every day, because they may find it difficult to develop friendships and lack interaction with others. Whereas previously under W.W staff had formed attachments and socialised out of work ours. The new working arrangements prevent them from this need and therefore problems have occurred such as resignations.
An alternative theory that can explain why these problems have happened is the Equity theory of motivation. This theory is built on the idea that people weigh up their inputs (efforts) and outputs (rewards) and when there is an imbalance people may feel inequitable. When this disparity is felt certain behaviours are displayed as a result of this. Some of the behaviour Adam’s suggests, for example, people begin reducing their inputs through their quality of work or absenteeism (Mullins, 2006).
The Equity theory...

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