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People Who Have Influenced America Essay

  • Submitted by: lucy123
  • on December 4, 2008
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Below is an essay on "People Who Have Influenced America" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

King James: Like in the textbook he is the King of England who granted charters and wanted them to practice Christian religion.   The story does not specifically tell about the places he charted, as in the book it does.   From the story I gained the knowledge of knowing he used his religion to his advantage to help him with trade and to find allies.
Sir Walter Raleigh: In both stories he is the person who discovered Roanoke Island.   The story describes Roanoke in more depth detail about the climate, work and religion on the island.   The book does not give as much detail or reasoning about the colony.   This article taught me that the settlers were extremely lazy and did not want to work.
Captain John Smith:   He was the governor of Jamestown.   The story gives very specific details of what John Smith did to govern the colony.   The story and book give a lot of the same facts about John Smith.
John Rolfe: “Africans in America” does not state very much information about John Rolfe.   It only states that the Dutch sold many slaves to the colony. The book gives more detail about his accomplishments. It also tells about his great success with discovering tobacco.

Pilgrims: The story and the book both discuss how the Pilgrims reached Massachusetts on the Mayflower. The book gives greater detail about their voyage and helps understand it better.
Section 2
George Percy: He was a settler that understood the land. He chronicled a snippet of time. It described events that occurred. This would not be included in anything we have learned because it does not have to do with any of the information of the book.
Thomas Jacob: He was a part of the snippet that Percy wrote. He had died in September and suffered from cruel diseases. Jacob would not have been included in any of the information we learned because he does not tie in with any of the events or people we have learned about.
Benjamin Beast: He was also in the snippet of George Percy. It said he had died on the fifth day....

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