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Pepsi Commercial Analysis

  • Submitted by: Crizdiana
  • on December 4, 2011
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“Pepsi Max” commercial analysis

David Ogilvy, the creator of one of the biggest advertising agency from the world (Ogilv & Mather), bring us to acknowledge what appears to be “the golden rule”, the use of humour in advertising. He says that if the target audience doesn’t find funny at all the commercial that you produced, in this case, the humour may cause more harm than good. He also says that very few people can write really funny commercials and if you are not among those few, don’t even start to.
Why have I started with the humour in commercials? Because the commercial that will be analysed is based on it.
The “Pepsi Max” commercial starts with a line of people waiting to be interviewed in order to obtain a job. A man enter to the office and start acting like he is a victim of the employer: he’s breaking his shirt, strikes himself on the walls making strange noises and at the end, he falls through the door on the hallway, in front of those waiting. After this scene all candidates are leaving apart from one who will be employed since there weren’t more potential candidates. The employed man gets out and meets his friends, including one who created the scene in the employer’s office, waiting for him in the front of the building to celebrate with Pepsi Max drinks.
The commercial is created in order to launch a new product of this brand (Pepsi) – Pepsi Max which is different for the classic one by not containing sugar, to inform people of this new product being and to persuade them to buy it.
The target audience for this product are young men and female, energetic, who wants to break the limits and explore their imagination.
The commercial express the idea that drinking Pepsi will stimulate your imagination, maximizing your creativity and energy.
The proposition “Max it” express the same idea of maximizing your limits. It appears at the end of this commercial, written with big white capitals, meant to attract attention on it.
Due the fact that Pepsi is...

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