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Perception Essay

  • Submitted by: Chofstetter567
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Wikipedia defines perception as the process of attaining awareness and understanding of sensory information. Which means perception is a process or a uplink to the brain of your senses (hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing …etc) and it distinguishes what your smelling or touching. The word perception comes from the Latin word percepio meaning, "receiving, collecting, action of taking possession, apprehension with the mind or senses." I have chosen perception as my topic because as an artist perception in my paintings has to be accurate to real life or my beautiful painting that I have been slaving over will be an utter failure.
There are two basic theories of perception, Passive Perception and Active Perception. Passive Perception could be defined as the following sequence of events: surrounding is to input (senses) is to processing (brain) is to output (re-action). Which means if a spider climbs up the wall, the women sees the spider, she realizes how big it is, and gets scared and runs out of the room.
Active Perception is relatively new, and has been gaining superiority over Passive Perception after thorough research. This theory is increasingly gaining experimental support and could be defined as dynamic relationship between “description” (in the brain) equals to senses equals to its surrounding, meaning that its not just action and reaction, that the thought of the spider bounces back and forth between the brain and the surroundings.
Perception is one of the oldest fields in psychology. The oldest quantitative law in psychology is the Weber-Fechner law, which determines the relationship between the intensity of physical stimuli and their perceptual effects. A stimuli is a detectable change in the internal or external environment. It was the study of perception that gave rise to the Gestalt school of psychology. The Gestalt school of psychology is a theory of mind and brain that proposes that the operational principle of the brain is all, parallel, and...

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