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Perfection Era Essay

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The Perfection era was an important era because it displayed some amazing women and separated them from that housewife status. Women began to spread their wings, attack the sky and fly. They improved their overall status in the world and began to be accepted into other arenas. The women were perceived as housewives prior to this era. The women became writers and novelists who gave the women aspirations and dreams to be successful. The new ventures of the women writing gave them an opportunity and an outlet to reach other women. The abolitionists ended slavery but the racism and the problems did not stop there. Women also played an important role in the abolitionist movement.
The women were rarely allowed to work outside of the household. They were held under restrictions in which it was not tolerated for a woman to hold a high position, or any position other than being a house wife. They worked seamstresses, teachers, sales clerks, and book keepers when they were needed. World War II started and the men were called away to serve for their country. This gave the women an opportunity to get into the real business field with chances to excel into broader horizons. They moved into jobs with higher responsibilities, education, and economics. The women began reinventing themselves and became a serious contender in life.
The women accomplishments liberated them because it gave them the immediate feeling of relief and self conscience assurance. The accomplishments made them feel important, gave them freedom, gave them independence, and new found success. The women were previously taken advantage of, held or restricted to excel individually, and basically just made to depend upon the male figure. When you are put in this situation under duress, you typically dream about being able to become free. When you finally achieve this dream you feel sort of euphoric. This is how the women felt when they achieved their accomplishments, they were liberated.
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