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Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Chapter 1 The Veil –Rewritten

I was just a young girl in fact only nine years old, living in Tehran with my family when The Islamic Revolution started. By time 1980 came we were already a few months into the revolution, my life and the way of living had already started to change.
I’ll never forget beginning the school year in 1980; I remember it like it was yesterday. See that was the year in which it became mandatory for all us female students to wear a veil at school. I’ll never forget walking in and as me and my other classmates approached the building a teacher was handing us all veils, telling us we must wear them. The only thing I knew at that point in time was I didn’t not like wearing the veil and nor did I or any of my friends and classmates know why we had to. During recess we just made a joke out of the whole thing, we would throw them around and even tie them together and use them as jump ropes.
See this year in school was much different for us then the last year which was the school year of 1979. Last year we were in what to me was a regular school. It was a French non-religious school and there were boys in my classes. This year everything just seemed to change. Not only were we wearing veils but there were separate schools for boys and girls along with all the bilingual schools being shut down. Since there were no more bilingual schools I found myself being separated from a lot of my friends, to say the least this was not a happy time in my life.
A man came into the school that year and just changed everything around. Not only did they close down the bilingual schools and separate boys and girls, but this man came in giving what seemed to me to be crazy speeches. The man talked about how our bilingual schools are now an old way of life, stating that they only represent and are symbols of capitalism. He would also go on and on about this being a “Cultural Revolution.” I did not know what to think of all this,...

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