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personal expirence Essay

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Young and Pregnant
Joe and I had been a good friend throughout high school but we had never dated. About a year after we graduated, we both came out other relationships and caught up with one another again. Our friendship grew into a romantic relationship very quickly. I found out I was pregnant 3 months later, at 19 years old. We had been using condoms, but I guess they don’t always do the trick. Apparently, this happens quite often!
Everyone always talks about teen pregnancy as if it would not happen to them. Well, I was one of them. Not as young as some but not as old as I would have liked to be. In February of 2004 I found out I was pregnant. For a while I chose not to think about it, I was in denial. I was only 19 and scared out of my mind. I had only been with Joe for three months before I became pregnant. He was petrified at only 17. He was unsure about the situation, but very supportive. We didn't really have a plan all we knew was we were having a baby. Abortion was never an option I was raised to believe God could never give one more than they could handle. If I was adult enough to make this baby I was big enough to make an adult decision. I broke the news to my parents in April and didn't react the way I would have thought. They were a little angry and disappointed, but were more concerned that I hadn't been to a doctor yet.
Not having ever been the gynecologist I was a little unsure of how things went. I set up an appointment and my mother and Joe went with me. At this point, Joe and I were considering adoption so my doctor's office gave me information on adoption agencies. The months ticked by. I wanted to have a boy so bad and way down deep I knew I would get my wish. That motherly instinct was kicking in. When I had my first ultrasound, it was confirmed. I was carrying a baby boy. The natural mothering instinct again started taking over and I just knew I couldn't give my baby away. Joe and I had several discussions about the adoption and wee...

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