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Personal Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: raider
  • on December 6, 2008
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Many different ideas of the correct educational philosophy exist.   Highly acclaimed psychologists and educators developed these varying philosophies.   Each of these philosophies have their strengths and weaknesses and have their positives and negatives in different situations.   It is our job as educators to sift through this list of philosophies to find our own style and philosophy.   We must research the pros and cons of each philosophy and pick and choose which sections of each idea to take out and make our own.   Our job is also to familiarize ourselves with the philosophies that we do not agree with.   So that we have a clear picture in our minds of what we want and do not want as part of our educational thinking and to have the knowledge to back up these opinions.

After reading through different writings on each of these philosophies, I have begun to take on the task of sorting out which I choose to support and which I strongly oppose.   Once having a clear idea of which philosophies appeal to me and which do not, I hope to have the groundwork laid to then analyze the philosophies and take from them what I need to develop my own personal philosophy.  

Sometimes to find out what you are or what you find true, you must first learn what you are not and what you do not find as truth.   Therefore, in beginning my search for my own personal philosophy, I began with ruling out the philosophies that I am strongly opposed to.   These philosophies are perennialism and behaviorism.

Perennialism is a very conservative and inflexible philosophy of education.   It is based on the view that reality comes from fundamental fixed truths-especially related to God.   It believes that people find truth through reasoning and revelation and that goodness is found in rational thinking.   As a result, schools exist to teach reason and God’s will.   Students are taught to reason through structured lessons and drills.     The teacher’s role is a fountain of knowledge, put in place to...

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