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Personal Values Essay

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Personal Values Paper
Carl Colaizzi
MGT 521
October 31, 2009
Personal Values Paper
    We each have our own personal set of ethics, values, beliefs, and an individual philosophy on what we consider meaningful in our lives. Every individual develops a core set of values. These values come in a wide spectrum from common, every day beliefs like hard work and punctuality, to deeper beliefs such as self-reliance, and concern for others. My personal values stem from how I was raised. I believe that it is these values that have helped me determine who I am.
Being a child of immigrant parents, the author was indoctrinated with a strong work ethic from a very early age. He was told that nothing is given for free and the best things are worth waiting and working for. By working hard, you can achieve a relative level of success. This success can be measured by family and friends, the church, or by employers, but it is still rewarding. We value success for ourselves and we try our best to accomplish those goals. Growing up, he began to develop other values like ambition, equality, integrity, and respect.
    From an early age, the author’s parents instilled in him a desire to get ahead and stay ahead, to be better than average, to excel at whatever was attempted. This value toward achievement permeated throughout the author’s school years, and into the workplace. The author takes great pride in his ability to treat individuals fairly and equitably. He consider everyone’s point of view and has come to the conclusion that people are good, bad, and all levels in between, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or creed. It is the individual that must make choices regarding another person’s character and their level of involvement in the individual’s life. The author places considerable emphasis to the value of integrity. As a father, he desires to pass this value on to his children, so that they will have a strong foundation on which to build a strong moral...

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