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Personality Essay

  • Submitted by: DaniM10
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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From the results of the personality test I was found to be an ENFJ person. In an overview, an ENFJ is a person who is warm, responsive, empathetic, and responsible. They are highly influenced by others emotions, needs and motivations. They find potential in all and want to help others to fulfill their goals. Very loyal to the ones around them. ENFJ’s are people who want to be appreciated for who they are and for what they contribute. It is said that Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Clara Barton (Founder of the American Red Cross), and Ronald Reagan had these characteristics I was surprised when I saw this because these are people who have altered our country greatly and many look up to. Overall, all of these are perfect examples of my personality, I believe. Most of the time my personality does not affect my schooling but it has on occasions. An example of this was when my friend called my very upset and asked if I could meet up with her to talk. Even though I knew I had a paper coming up and essential notes needed to be taken, I still met up. My personality really does help me in school, it makes me want to reach my goals and really achieve all that I can. The test also stated the best career goals are in teaching, counseling, and social work. Perfectly, I am studying to be a teacher in special education and it shows by my personality that I picked the right career. Overall this personality test ended up being very much like who I am.

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