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Persuasive Essay

  • Submitted by: awenrisea10
  • on March 26, 2012
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Junior English A7
February 23, 2012
Persuasive Essay: Final Draft
Be Yourself
Standing up for yourself can make your life better. Being strong could help you survive your life, even with complaints; you can do better than that. Everyone is strong inside them; they just need some time to let it all out. I surveyed about sixteen people asking them this simple question: “Is it good to stand up for yourself?” and majority of them answered the same thing. Fight for what you think is right. Don't let others put you down or any other necessary things. Stand up for what you truly believe in, and in doing so, you find what your purpose is in life; Once you've accomplished that mission, you have found your inner self. There are two ways of standing up for yourself which would lead to, the good way, and the bad way. Standing up for yourself will make you a better person.
It’s good to stand up for yourself, because at times there's really no one to help you, but yourself. If you prove to yourself that you can fight for what you feel is right, others will stand up for you, with you, or will be encouraged to stand up for themselves as well. It helps build up confidence. It’s great to stand up for yourself because if you don't, then who is going to stand up for you? You can't always be the person that relies on someone else, stand up for yourself and be the person that people could rely on. You can't always be a passive observer of everything that goes on, do rather than say it, let others know how you feel & how you can defend yourself on your own. Not by depending on others all the time. It can lead to different disadvantages like people will find you weak. You got to love and protect yourself more than anyone. But sometimes, you got to think... if you stand out for yourself, would it hurt others?
The truth is, you could become a push over and you get told what to do constantly. You might become too scared to make friends or interact at all. Your...

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