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Persuasive Essay

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  • on November 8, 2012
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Jordan Hargreaves
Persuasive Essay
Period 2

The phonograph was developed by Thomas Edison's additional work on two other inventions, the telegraph and the telephone. Thomas Edison experimented with a diaphragm, which had an embossing point and was held against rapidly-moving paraffin paper. The speaking vibrations made indentations in the paper. Edison later changed the paper to a metal cylinder with tin foil wrapped around it. The machine had two diaphragm-and-needle units, one for recording, and one for playback. When one would speak into a mouthpiece, the sound vibrations would be indented onto the cylinder by the recording needle in a vertical (or hill and dale) groove pattern. He gave a sketch to his mechanic and Thomas’s mechanic supposedly had it done within thirty hours. Edison immediately tested the machine by speaking the nursery rhyme into the mouthpiece, "Mary had a little lamb." To his amazement, the machine played his words back to him. The telegraph, the press, and the typewriter were agents of communication for the written word. The telephone was an agent for the spoken word. Another instrument for recording sound and reproducing it was the phonograph (record-player). In 1877.

I feel if it wasn’t for Thomas Edison we most defiantly would not have music, a phone or any of that. If you imagine how smart Edison was and try to think of someone in this time period that could of come up with this idea would be extremely hard. This invention is not easy at all, it took a lot of thinking and mathematics to come up with this kind of invention. I am very happy that it was invented years ago, because I don’t think I could imagine this time period without music, phones, or ways to communicate without a letter. For someone to try and come up with that kind of invention in this time period would of taken way later than it originally did. We would need a tremendous amount of schooling for an idea like the phonograph.



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