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persuasive essay

  • Submitted by: panik
  • on July 2, 2009
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Persuasive Essay
When a person, crosses borders in an illegal way in order to have a better life and help out his family he leaves behind, he is mark as an illegal alien or an immigrant. This foreign, crosses into any country mostly always into the USA either by land or water or air. Many people think that they leave everything behind just because they want to or for pleasure, but many are escaping civil wars and poverty and others come for family reunification. The journey is not a walk in the park. They face dangers such as rape, murder, slavery, prostitution and worst they even face death. They leave in the hope of a better future.
Immigration is a huge thing now a days. I believe that we should not treat this people like they are animals. I think that we have to do anything we can in order to survive. Illegal immigrants are not here to do any harm to anybody. They just come here for a better future and work. Many immigrants that are here are doing the jobs that the typical American wouldn’t do because they don’t want to get dirty. Many immigrants come here to work in the fields picking fruits for very little payment. They come and work as janitors, scrubbing toilets and sometimes they even do more degrading jobs. They do jobs that are necessary but no one wants to do.   I believe that they do them, they are a part of our society and most important we need them. I believe that since they are here, we should help them to become legal. We shouldn’t be deporting them and giving them a hard time because they are just here to work. They can even help our economy. If we give them jobs that are better than the typical ones they do and they should get better pay. One of the most important thing our society should do to help the illegal immigrants should be to provide them with free education. College education should be cheaper or they should be able to get help such as financial aid because its no surprised to anyone that college education is very expensive.

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