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Persuasive Essay: School Uniform

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  • on August 6, 2012
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Fear of the Unknown 2.10 Spencer Aksland
Assignment 10.2 Part 2: Persuasive Essay IS17501986

Why are students forced to wear school uniforms? Uniforms are an unneeded tool of conformity used in schools today to rob students of their freedom of self-expression. Students express their creativity through their clothing and appearance. No school has the right to strip us of our individuality. It is important to let students to wear what they please because it shows others that they are different from everybody else and not just another drone in the system. We might as well all be wearing prison jumpsuits.
The uniform that is forced upon the student body at my school consists of cotton polo’s and khaki pants or shorts. These uniforms are very impractical in a couple ways. First, they are just down right uncomfortable. The material used in the shirts is very rigid and abrasive; it would be possible for one to become very irritated wearing it for a whole school year. Second, during the beginning of the school year when we are still feeling the heat of summer it is almost unbearable to wear those thick cotton shirts. These effects of the uniforms can be clearly observed if one were to observe the students throughout the day.
Having a limited amount of options can have adverse effects on someone trying to get ready for school in the morning. For instance in my case I have one uniform shirt and one pair of uniform pants. As a result of this I need to wash my school uniform each and every day I use it or wear it while dirty. But what one day I am unable to? What would I do then? I cannot simply go to school in some dirty smelly clothes. But had there not been a uniform then I could simply grab any of my clothes throw them on and be on my way to school.
Sometimes school uniforms aren’t the most inexpensive things to buy for school. When you think of all of the things that parents have to pay for when putting their child through school should it really be...

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