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philosophy 102 Essay

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Pep Boys Auto is an after-market automotive parts company which is based in the Philadelphia area. The company started out locally in Philadelphia as a parts store in the 1920's. Today it has grown into a national company with stores throughout the continental United States and stores in Puerto Rico. The needs of the company consist of keeping track of current inventory of hard parts and other assorted items. The database must be able to order a specific item when the quantity on hand reaches a certain point. Also, the user must be able to manually input product orders. They must also keep track of vehicles currently being repaired by the service center and which customer is attached to which vehicle. There is also a need for a customer database which keeps track of whether their vehicle is currently in the shop, their repair history, their purchase and return history, as well as their product warranty history. On top of that, they need a database for their commercial customers. Scheduling of workers is currently handled manually by the store manager.

Current situation

Currently Pep Boys employs a legacy system, that is each department uses its own system and database. The system used to ring purchases has different customer/warranty information than that which is stored in the system which is used by retail. The service department keeps track of customers and invoicing seperatly from everyone else as does the commercial department.   This creates a problem as customer purchase history and vehicle repair history are stored in different files. This means that customer warranty history is inaccurate, as service, retail, and even the cash registers have different warranty histories for the same customer.

Inventory is handled within the company intra-net. Making changes to the inventory presently consists of having to add the items in one by one, waiting for the page to reload after each entry, then submitting the list at the end. Anyone with...

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