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Physics Essay

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Amanda Kocher. Period-7.

We had to make a car out of strictly paper and glue. The car then had to make it down a track holding an egg, and making it to the bottom safely without breaking the egg.

The variables we are using are acceleration, momentum, and velocity. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Acceleration however, is the rate of change of velocity over time.

3 sheets of pink paper
Elmer’s glue
4 plastic wheels
a straw
one green axel tube

My first objective was to make the car as strong and sturdy as I could. This was easier said than done. For me the materials were so simple but sort of difficult to use. I made a fairly strong bottom base, then a dome shaped top.
The only problems I had were that when my car was finished my wheels didn’t turn. This was due to the fact that the glue was too tight around the straw. This problem was easily fixable.

I expected my car to fail epically because it wasn’t built very strong. To my surprise however, it did very well and I had absolutely no problems with it during the race. It went down the whole way without the egg breaking.
Most people in the class went with a tiny car thinking it would go really fast but that wasn’t the case considering Keith’s car was by far the fastest and one of the biggest cars even made. Being that Keith had the fastest car he also had the fastest acceleration and velocity. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity over time, and velocity is the measurement of the rate and direction of change in the position of an object. His car also had the greatest momentum. A slower car could have the greatest momentum though. This is because something small can move so much faster.

The mass of my car was 18.1 grams. The final velocity was 2.5788 meters per second.   Momentum for the car was .09491 kilograms/meters per second. It took my car 2.290 seconds to go down the track.
My car was one of the...

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