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Physics Lab Report

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Problem: Can I prove the toy car has constant velocity?

Background: Motion is the act of changing from one place to another. Issac Newton came up with 3 laws for motion. The 1st law is the law of Inertia. The 2nd law explains the relationship between the mass, applied force and acceleration. The 3rd law indicates the conservation of motion of “action-reaction” system.

Constant velocity - an object travels at an unchanging speed and direction with respect to time.
Vector Quantity - A quantity that depends on magnitude and direction Velocity the rate of displacement (speed) of a object in a given direction.
Scalar Quantity - A quantity that depends only on magnitude. Self induction when an electromagnetic force is generated in a coil by a change in the magnetic field.
Constant Acceleration - A recording characteristic in which the amplitude of the recorded signal decreases at a rate of 12dB/octave as the frequency rises, or 6dB/octave

Hypothesis & Supporting Statement: I believe that the car has constant velocity unless there a problem within the car, like the batteries is low, of the body of the car and affecting the wheel. Many problems can effects the car velocity but I believe the toy car has the same velocity.

Variables:   The control variable is the toy car. The Manipulated variable is the distance or the path taken by the toy car. Lastly, the responding variable it the varied direction left or right by the toy car.

Materials:   Duck Tape, Toy Car, Meter Stick, Stop-watch

Narrative Procedure:   First of all we gather our materials, Meter Stick, Duck Tape and the Toy Car. Next we set up the path, we measure 3 meters and duck tape at every meter and ½ of a meter. Next I took 6 pieces of tape and stuck it on each of my fingers so I can be prepared when the cars moves. Next we reset the stop-watch and place the car at the start line. We turn the car on and started the stop-watch for the 1st trail. Every ½ meter and 1 meter we place of the 6 duck...

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