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Picture This Essay

  • Submitted by: dxmp090608
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: English
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Picture yourself as the next victim, another statistic to the environment.   You slowly walk into a church, your eyes circle the room as you see wet faces. You walk past an isle and see heart ache and pain as you approach the lifeless body that lays in the casket. As you proceed to the body, all sound is muted except the sound of your heart beat pounding within. You feel your heart drop and your legs weaken. Your hands feel clammy, your body shakes, and your eyes begin to water. You stop a couple feet before you actually come into contact with the body. You want to turn away, but your curiosity gets the best of you . Finally, you look into the casket. At the sight, your heart stops, your eyes widen and you stand there with disbelief. Who expects to see themselves in a predicament where you might never be able to breathe, walk, or even laugh again. You are beginning to live life and then in one split second your life is taken away so young. Jose A. Suarez, 21, killed. Daryl Horner, 15,   killed. Amro Elbadawi, 14, killed. Jasmine Nicole, 9, killed. Minnet C. Bowman, 11, killed. A son or daughter taken away from his or her mother and father, a brother or sister taken away from his or her sibling, or a loved one taken away from those who love him as well. Many people say that the children are the future, but, what will   become of the future if a good percentage of the youth is either dead or in jail. Where do we point the finger to? Ideally, the child buries the parent. It is apart of the life cycle. However, when a parent buries his or her child, it causes an error. Generation X is slowly dying out. We, the people, live in a world full of violence. Lives are taken everyday and those that take lives are sent to do time in prison. Why take a life? A question that most seem to ask themselves. Does the person think about the significant impact it may have on not only the person being killed, but his or her family and friends as well. Is there hope for the future?

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