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Pictures Of You Essay

  • Submitted by: nizaucpdy16
  • on November 2, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Pictures of You
Where do you go when everything in your life goes wrong? What about when you are beyond sublimely happy? For many people, this place may be under that tall oak tree in their own backyard. Maybe they run, or sing, or dance, or scream. Imagine the moment when all of your dreams come true. Where are you? What are you doing? My answer to this question has always been simple. I am behind the lens of a camera.
With my Konica Minolta in my hand, I have always felt as if I could conquer the world. The simple click-clack of the shutter makes every feeling in my bones seem so much more intense. The boring old green in a field of grass is no longer a simple green, but a vibrant color which could challenge the world. Water is no longer just a blue tinted liquid, filling a hole in the earth, but a cool, refreshing pond, expressly placed there for your own enjoyment, just begging for you to break the surface with one of your infamous cannonballs. This piece of golden brown equipment, meant originally for documenting sleepovers and the birthday parties of twelve year olds, now seems deep rooted in my soul.
The year I turned eight years old, I bought my own camera with money I had saved from Christmas and my previous birthday. I remember this camera so vividly, even though it has been almost ten years ago. This little joy, my first camera, was a Hello Kitty Polaroid. This thing meant the world to me at the time. None of the other kids were allowed to play with it. With its pink ears and matching nose, this camera seemed almost too good to be true. As I captured still images of my closest friends applying bright green and blue and purple eye shadow to each others glowing faces, I realized that I loved doing this. It made me happy. That is when I first considered becoming a professional photographer.
Last year, I was going through one of the toughest times in my life. It seemed as if nothing would go right and I was nowhere close to being who I wanted to be....

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