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Pierre Renoir Essay

  • Submitted by: dorky123
  • on December 10, 2008
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Pierre was born on February 25,1841 in Limoges. He had grown up in Paris with his family. He had six siblings. I had found that no one was supportive for what he had wanted to do with his life. He had started to paint when he was thirteen years old and he would paint flowers and easy stuff like that. Pierre had like to travel so he could explore new things and see what he could do being an artist.
I didn’t rally find important events that he had done. But I do know that he has a few pieces of art that are in the museums all over the world.
Pierre Renoir is an impressionists, he was a great painter. He had like to paint children , out doors and mostly women. If you were to go look at his art work you would be able to tell that he liked to see women. No one really knows why he liked to paint woman but they do know that he did. He was an man that had wanted to be happy so when he was mad or depressed he had started to paint and found that, that had helped him get though whatever was on his mind.
Some artists that had an influence on his life are, Alfred Sisley, Frederic Bazille, and Claude Monet. The people that I had just listed are well were good friends with Pierre. They had helped him learn and do things. Pierre had considered them as family so that nothing would go wrong they were all good friends. Pierre was also influenced by Ecole des Beaux- Arts a place in Brazil.
Three top pieces of art that I found are “The Great Boulevards “ it was painted in 1875, and its located in Philadelphia Museum of Arts. Another piece is “A girl with a watering can”   it was painted in 1876, and it is located in the National Gallery of Arts, in Washington. There is also the “Dance at Bougival”   and that piece of art was painted in 1883, and that is located in the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston.

I my self had like to do this paper on this artist because I had learned so me things from him. And I would say that he had done some fine work. I wish he was still around so I...

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