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a pig in a poke Essay

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  • on May 19, 2008
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Bare knuckle fighting, during the Regency Period in England used to happen even though it was against the law. A little like the illegal raves of today, news of an up coming fight spread by word of mouth. Sometimes as many as 20,000 people would turn up and bet heavily on the spectacle. On the floor of the ring, there was marked a chalk square. The fighters would both stand at the edge of the square at the beginning of each bout. If one of them was unable to 'square up', he was declared the loser.  


The name of a prison which was on Clink Street in the Southwark area of London. There is now a museum on the same spot, near the rebuilt Globe Theatre.


In medieval England there were nomadic mercenaries who wandered the country side and would sell their services to the highest bidder. These were hardened fighters who lived solitary lives in the wilderness. They did not have the luxury of servants to polish their armour and it would oxidize to a blackish hue, and they came to be known as black knights. At local town festivals they would have exhibition jousting matches in which the winner of the fight would win the loser's weapons and armour. The local gentry, softened by the good life, would lose to these black knights. The nomadic knights didn't have much use for an extra set of armour and would sell it back to them immediately after the fight. The losing nobility would be forced to buy back their armour and this after market came to be known as the "Black Market" (submitted by Gonzalo).
Ed. Isn't it kind of strange that if "black market" is a medieval term, the Oxford English Dictionary doesn't show it as having been first used until 1931 in "The Economist." This is probably garbage. Fun maybe, but garbage.

After sailors had crossed the Atlantic to the West Indies, they would take the native women on board the ship and have their way with them in between the cannons. Some of the women the sailors...

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