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‘Pigeons’ And ‘The Tiger’ Essay

  • Submitted by: antipro
  • on December 5, 2011
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Comparing the ways of two poets that you have studied present their ideas about animals using language and structure

The poems ‘Pigeons’ and ‘The Tiger’ are both about animals and although there are some similarities, in the ways that the animals are presented, there are also some differences, particularly in the language and the structure the poets use. In the poem ‘Pigeons’ the animals are presented as ‘proud, wondering animals’ and in ‘The Tiger’ they are presented as ‘evil revenging animals’.

In the poem ‘Pigeons’ there is a wide range of language used by Richard Kell. The phrase ‘blue busy bodies’ is a use of alliteration as it has all the words beginning with the letter ‘B’, this   phrase tells us that they are every where and always around us, by this we mean that we won’t be able to have a single minute without them around us. This suggests that this is a thing that the pigeons should almost be proud of. Also this phrase gives us a more vivid image of them and that the pigeons are one kind of intruders or murderers. /This brings us back to the beginning of the poem ‘they paddle with statco feet’ it is telling us that the pigeons are walking with a quick, sharp and continuous pace but by taking very minute steps, this links in with ‘busybodies’ as is shows the same sensory image of the pigeons he is suggesting that the pigeons are hardworking and always working towards their target. Next after this the phrase ‘their heads like tiny hammers’ is a use of metaphor because it uses the word ‘like’. He is telling us that the pigeons have tiny pecks which are hammering pecks and they are able to fluently peck into any thing even into humankind. The phrase ‘warm dark dimples sound of bubbles’ gives the effect of the sound being quite private and if it is disturbed there will be harsh consequences, it also gives the thought that it is almost a meeting of all birds in birds language which sounds bubbly.

The poem ‘The Tiger’ contains a lot of...

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  • Submitted by: antipro
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: English
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