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Pigs In A Blanket Essay

  • Submitted by: shakesphere16
  • on December 6, 2008
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Artwork from Home Presentation

My chosen piece of art from home is a collection of silverware

that I have created. The supplies you need to create similar artwork

is regular silverware that you can buy in any store, wire, and beads.

You have to place the beads on the wire where you want them and

then bend the wire, wrapping it around the silverware. You may also

have to use some super glue just incase some of the beads are lose

and stick up of the silverware.

Decorating silverware is a very different type of art that just

about anyone can do. You can make them in any color you want

for any occasion. These ones I made was for my friends bridal

party. I also made some for her to cut her wedding cake that were

covered in white and silver beads. You can make many other things

using this same type of artwork such as dinner plates, salt and

pepper shakers, wire baskets, drinking glasses and jewelry. Someone

the creates and sells artwork similar to mine is Carole Keller. She

makes very similar pieces to what I do and influenced me to make

more than just silverware because she has so many different things

you can chose from. A book you can buy that gives you ideas on

how to make similar things is called “Making Bead and Wire Jewelry”

by Dawn Cusick. (Example from the book)

The style of making decorative silverware is very unique and

not something that you see everyday. You use the element of space

and color the most when arranging your beads and where you want

them to be placed. I do not leave much space in between each bead

and I try to spread the colors out evenly. I like to use complementary

colors that look good by each other or different tones of the same

color. You can also make them with specific themes. I made one

for a friends graduation cake that had congratulations spelt down

the middle of the silverware. You can create your own style and

make one that...

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