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The place you remember with the most affection Essay

  • Submitted by: emelechka
  • on December 14, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Of all places I ever visited I remember the city of Budapest with the most affection. We travelled there last year together with friends and were completely fascinated by it’s spirit and people. Although none of us expected much of Hungary our stay in Budapest turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
The main target of our trip was a rock festival. At first we were a bit afraid, but after we entered the festival ground it became quite clear that there was nothing and no one to fear. The spirit of friendhsip, kindness and joy reigned. We seemed to be absorbed by it and then charged with some amazing energy. I can’t remember a single moment when we thought about anything bad. We were filled with positive emotions and shared our happy mood with each other.
But the main strike were the people. Could you imagine that no one is ever rude to you at a rock festival? I couldn’t before I visited Budapest. If I ever had any prejudices about rockers, all of them gradually collapsed during my stay there. Once, at a concert I was pushed by the crowd at my back, and what do you think? A gorgeous German appeared out of nothing and stood behind me, saying that I’m weak and that he mush protect me.  
So, as I think you have already guessed that the trip to Budapest was a dream-holiday for me. I will never forget this place with it’s marvellous atmosphere and lovely people.

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