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Plagarism Essay

  • Submitted by: shottaz14
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Plagarism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Plagiarism is seen everywhere in the world today. It is not just in schools across the countries of the world but also recognized in the workplace when stealing ideas or original plans. This is now noticed as the fastest and sometimes most efficient thing to do among the students in schools enrolled in high level classes and even the regular classes, but, it is the students and workers who should be blamed for this newly recognized strategy of completing tasks.
As high school teacher Christine Pelton witnessed the cheating first hand in the classroom of the newly entered 10th grade students, she immediately took control of the situation and acted accordingly to her best moral decision and that was, to fail the twenty-eight 10th graders, which is what any moral human being would do. This is why plagiarism should not be tolerated on a very large scale because it can indicate errors with the teaching system that affect the students differently than what was originally predicted. Even though plagiarism has risen in the past years to over 90 percent of students in the U.S. admitting that they have cheated by a survey conducted by Jensen, L.A., Arnett, J.J., Feldman, S.S. & Cauffman, E. entitled “It’s wrong, but everybody does it”, studies have shown that plagiarism is a common response variable to the rising demands of information needed by teachers, professors and bosses in the workplace wherever it may be, to complete any given task which is assigned to most of the time, more than one person.
Even though plagiarism is seen in everyday life while doing minor things in the workplace or even at school it can sometimes be very frustrating when people copy on a large scale and the concept of originality is lost. At this point plagiarism should not be tolerated, because if this continues students are not learning and employees will not generate fresh ideas to help businesses to compete. This is what distinguishes people in today’s class and society; how...

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