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Plagiarism Essay

  • Submitted by: jukama
  • on December 5, 2011
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Running head: PLAGIARISM

Plagiarism in Schools



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30, June, 2011

What is Plagiarism?
Ethical aspect of plagiarism
Effects of plagiarism on value of degrees gained
Future Impacts of Plagiarism Behaviour

Plagiarism in Schools


      Plagiarism is one of the issues that affect the society in many aspects. Plagiarism cuts across many fields such as academics, corporate world, programming, filming, and businesses among others. It is not ethical to use another person’s ideas or material in whichever form without proper acknowledgment of the source. This paper seeks to discuss the issue of plagiarism taking into consideration, ethical aspects involved, effects on degrees obtained, and future impacts of plagiarism behaviour.

What is Plagiarism?

      There are so many definitions of the term plagiarism but the most general definition may be put across as presentation of another person’s work without proper acknowledgement. In the academic context, there may be claims of plagiarism when any of the following happens. Presenting an author’s work or ideas without acknowledgment or paraphrasing an argument and presenting it as a personal idea. Plagiarism is also the presentation of an academic idea in the line of thought of someone else’s idea as your own, developing an academic idea similar to someone else and presenting it as your own as well as arranging of ideas in a similar manner to somebody else even though the sources are acknowledged (Rozakis, 2007).

Ethical aspect of plagiarism

      Plagiarism of any manner cannot be excused as it amounts to stealing of intellectual property of the original author. Plagiarism can be seen as a twofold cheating. First, the original author is cheated out of the intellectual property since all or part of the authored work is presented in another forum as belonging to someone else. Secondly, the person who plagiarises...

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