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Planned Obsolescence Essay

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Planned Obsolescence

Spending money has become a growing issue in the United States, as well as the world in society today.   Every day, consumers spend money on products daily, such as electronics, which break easily and need to be replaced frequently.   Consumers spend more money than needed because manufacturers assemble products that will break more often this technique is called planned obsolescence.   This is a problem that can be solved, although requirements would entitle companies to change how they configure their products.
When manufacturers think of planned obsolescence money comes to their minds particularly in America, which has been described as a ‘money hungry’ country.   When large corporations launch a new product it is not thought of as an invention to make consumers lives simpler; these innovators contemplate products for money.   Inventors devote months and years perfecting an appeal that will effectively bring in the extravagant amounts of cash. After examining consumers, it has been found shoppers do not have a problem investing extra money on merchandise that is assembled to last.  
Planned obsolescence originated in 1913 when the electric starter in automobiles was invented, rendering older cars obsolete (Giles 4).   The term became so frequently acknowledged that Volkswagen mocked it in a now famous advertising campaign.   Volkswagen became declared as an alternative stating “we do not believe in planned obsolescence, we don’t change a car for the sake of change”.   Soon, Japanese vehicles with longer life spans entered the American market, compelling American carmakers to respond by constructing more durable products.
After computers became popular in common households, planned obsolescence grew surpassingly.   Numerous computer companies such as Dell, HP, and Mac swiftly educated themselves on ideas to which would require consumers to frequently purchase new merchandise for example; speed and battery power.   Microsoft correlates with...

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