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Poetry Essay

  • Submitted by: swilks
  • on December 9, 2008
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In Eudora Welty’s “Why I live at P.O.”, Sister, the narrator, tries to alter the viewpoints of the reader to shape their interpretations to match the bias and the animosity towards the family. People often allow their perceptions to be influenced by a self-serving bias that can jade the depth of reality.
In her reality, Sister is the victim that gets ridiculed by her family especially her sister Stella-Rondo whom she harbors a jealousy.   Sister claims her life was “fine” before Stella-Rondo shows up and interrupts everything.   She describes Stella-Rondo be inconsistent and unstable based on her being spoiled when they were children. Sister uses this immediately to make a point of her sister’s unappreciation for everything she has ever had. But she never describes how she behaved as a child which can be suggested that she may think the reader can assumed she was the better of the two.
Then, she goes to say that out of nowhere Stella-Rondo leaves her husband and returns home with a two-year-old child whom she claims is adopted.   Sister sees right through her sister’s façade considering the timing of everything. Her simple comment on the matter sparks Stella-Rondo to attack by turning Papa-Daddy against her saying that she wonders why he doesn’t cut his beard (Welty).   Sister makes Stella-Rondo seem powerful so she can seem like the weakling but is ironically not working to her advantage.
However, as it goes on Stella-Rondo manages to get the entire family against Sister. At this point, Sister may seem to relent into Stella- Rondo’s madness. Even their doped up Uncle Rondo has been manipulated whom at one point was Sister’s only ally.   Sister finally gave up on being weak and decided it was time for her to leave. She gathered her things and went to live in her only refuge from her family: the post office where she served as the postmistress. She finally felt like she had the power because she was now in control of their communication with the world outside of...

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