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Politics Religion And Pandemonium In The World Essay

  • Submitted by: sumonsharma
  • on February 26, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Politics Religion and Pandemonium in the world
by Sumon Sharma

Religion always keeps me apart from my being, make me feel that I am a servant and do not belongs to myself but someone other, prevent my journey towards pleasure. It’s always been problematic for me. And I know this is the case for many. Religion is the ideology of primitives or slaves. Not for a modern man who claims to be civilized.
Religion is one problem. But the most serious problem I think "convenient use of religion “the interpretation (or misinterpretation, as many say) of religious dogmas, principles or premises, for self interest. Edict is just one example of it. Another danger is the "politicization of religion". Religion has become a political tool to oppress, suppress, or exploit others. A well developed humanistic philosophy (it must not be fundamental, but subject to change over time, place, and follower. Based on science and practical knowledge and oriented toward full blossoms of human potency and pleasure achievement, and not at the expense of others for sure) only can save us from the danger of erratic and risky journey of religion. This may be like sailing up the river but we are resolved to trudge to this destiny.
And to be honest and it is fair to say that these kinds of discussions have really become clichéd. I think it is no more discussion worthy. Rather it is high time we need to develop a new set of principles. To be a secular man or make our minds free from traditional bondage one requires vast study and inquisitive mind. Religious extremists possess neither of this. Let us work out for a new religion for the new world.
I do not mean any conventional religion as we have now. That is to say the new religion is likely to be Humanism or belief in science.

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