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Polyphemus Paper

  • Submitted by: Tblood1201
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: History
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A Story about a Cyclops

Polyphemos was filled with rage after the act created by Noman. Polyphemos went to his best friend Dillyrucos, and tried to explain the acts created by Noman. Dillyrucos was confused because if Noman blinded Polyphemos then Nobody did it and he was joking with him. Upset from this, Polyphemos decided to live his life in a new way with his crippled eye and all.
First act of business that Polyphemos did was buy an eye patch. Phemos, as his Cyclops friends like to call him, made sure to buy the best looking eye patch they owned. It was a blue one with a fake eye printed on it. This eye patch was special because it can let him see, even in the dark. Next he had to find a new home. After Odysseus trashed his home there was no way he could go back to all of the humiliation. He decided to find a condo on the coast that way if Noman came back he would be ready.
After taking care of this special business he started living the way he was meant to live. Every morning he woke up to the smell of sweet cinnamon buns that his neighbor made every morning. After that he would go for a nice bike ride through town. Occasionally he would see Erika, the prettiest Cyclops of the entire town. He could only dream of him and her getting together.
One day things changed for Phemos. He found enough courage to ask out Erika over a nice game of Hungry Hungry Hippos®. After defeating Erika to a pulp he decided he could make it up to her by going on a date. Erika said yes and after that date they had another and another. Pretty soon Phemos popped the big question at Sweeties on there one year anniversary. Erika said yes and they planned to have it as soon as possible.
On the day of the wedding Phemos was faced with a much unexpected challenge, the return of Noman! Along with Noman’s return came the sheep along with tears of joy from Phemos. Phemos filled with joy and rage decided to do something nobody expected. With a loud bang he...

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