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Population Influx Essay

  • Submitted by: tmunroe
  • on December 6, 2011
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The ideas of memory, symbol, and pattern allow readers to create different perspectives drawing from past experiences, understand hidden concepts by recognizing symbols, and find similarities in the text. Pattern helps readers understand complicated literature by taking a step back from the simplistic storyline of a story and pick out details that would otherwise be missed, and relate them to details that repeat or occur self-similarly. It may seem childish, but poetic patterns make me appreciate a piece of work tremendously. The book Oh, The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss was not only an inspirational work, but also rhymed, which made it that much more enjoyable.

Chapter 1:
The five different aspects of the quest are
  * A quester
  * A place to go
  * A stated reason to go there
  * Challenges and trials en route
  * A real reason to go there (self-knowledge)
The move Shrek is about an angry ogre whose swamp is flooded with unwanted fairytale creatures.
  1) Our quester: The quester is Shrek, the ogre
  2) A place to go: he has to travel to a remote castle.
  3) A reason to go there: The stated reason he goes to the castle is to save a princess from a dragon and bring her back to the castle of Lord Farquad
  4) Challenges and trials: along the way he gets stuck with an annoying companion and has to battle the dragon when he gets there. When he does rescue her, he as to battle his feelings for her.
  5) The real reason to go: The real reason he goes to the castle is to realize that he is not just some angry ogre, but he actually has feelings and cares for other people/creatures beside himself.

Chapter 5:

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