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Post Health Essay

  • Submitted by: fufuhappy
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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After taking the “Evaluating Your Lifestyle Wellness Worksheet,” I recently learned that I need to work on disease prevention. I don’t really know the signs of cancer, heart attack, and stroke. I also do not usually use sunscreen. On the Tobacco Use topic I scored a 10, Alcohol and Other Drugs a 10, Nutrition a 2, Exercise/Fitness an 8, Emotional Health a 7, Safety a 9, and Disease Prevention a 5. This indicates that I need to work on or change my nutrition, and disease prevention. The areas I scored highest on were tobacco use, alcohol and other drugs, safety, exercise, and emotional health. The reason I scored a 10 on those two was because I am disgusted of people that smoke around me. One thing that I can do to improve my nutrition is to make a self-assessment to analyze and change the specific behavior that I would like to modify. Another thing I can do is to set a goal to not eat out for a whole month or two. This will help me not only eat better, but also manage a better diet. Managing a better diet and weight is important to me because when I age I don’t want to get anything like heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. My brother and mom can also help me out with this because my brother can remind me not to eat out and my mom can cook healthy home meals. I have begun this change and it is really working for me. Although there have been some obstacles like for example, there was a week that I worked during lunch and was tempted to go to Carl’s Jr. or something during my break. I managed to control that temptation by having one of my co-workers get me a fruit salad while they were on their break. This topic really interested me because I like seeing what can be done to improve my health, which was the main reason I took this course in the first place.
Stress is another thing I have to deal with. First, I have a financial problem, which is the main cause of my stress. This is an important and interesting topic to me because stress is a big problem...

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