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Potato Lab Report

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Potato Lab Report

      My question is will the potato grow faster in the dark or light? In class we studied potatoes and how they grow in different environments. Potatoes usually grow in dark soil. My hypothesis is if the potato is exposed to light it will grow faster. The results will be shown later in the lab report.

      The materials used were: one medium-sized potato, two plastic bags with twist ties, knife, and two paper towels. The medium-sized potato was cut in half with the knife and each half was placed into its own individual bag. One potato was placed in the dark and the other was placed in the light. Our class observed each potato for two days.

      We noticed that on the first day the potato in the dark had three eyes and the potato in the light had six eyes. On the second day we noticed that the potato in the dark had four sprouts and the potato in the light had two sprouts.

      Data suggests that the potato grew better in the dark. It was a different outcome than what I thought. The data refutes my hypothesis because the potato grew faster in the dark. In the light the eyes on the potato grew more than in the dark but when it was in the dark sprouts grew more than in the light. There weren’t any difficulties because the lab was believable.

      Separating the halves and putting one in the light and the other in the dark was a condition for the experiment. The experiment could have been improved if we placed each half with soil and observed the new data. A good follow up experiment would be on animals or insects and how the interact with its environment. We could take it to another surrounding and record its reactions to its new habitat. The data would be recorded in a table. Finally we could bring the animal or insect back to its natural habitat and see how it reacts being back where it was born.

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