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Power And Politics Essay

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The company has enlisted Michael about two years ago. Michael has been prepared in the company culture as well as the company figures that he is going to add to the company. In this meaning the company is counting on Michael.
    In the same kind of way, Michael will rely on his company and the company’s top management for advancing his career. Michael is figuring that he is going to be promoted to the position of President of US Operations. He is relying on his colleagues along with the different co-workers of the company Legrand SA. By not having their assistance Michael can not obtain meaningful news that is crucial for his endurance and advancement. Such as Danielle Harcourt who attempted numerous times to begin an affiliation with Michael.
    Michael’s family is counting on him to remain in New York. With him staying this will ensure that his children are receiving the education that they are made to have and his wife proceeds up the career ladder. In the same concept Michael relies on his wife and children for the wellness of his mental state.
    Michael’s co-workers express a variety of illegitimate and legitimate political behavior. Whenever Danielle Harcourt networks in Paris and grasps for his direct reports, this political behavior can be noted as illegitimate. However, when Danielle Harcourt invites Michael and attempts to begin an agreement with Michael it is a legitimate behavior. At the angle of managers, the definition of political behavior is a method of beginning contact within the company and with the managers. This is helpful because it provides the managers with important information and helps them to move up the corporate ladder. This is legitimate behavior. As well as the act of Pierre Hoffman calling up Michael and asking him to take over the China operations of the company is a political behavior.
    Michael should stay away from the China opportunity. The reason is that if he accepts the position for China now, then he will...

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