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Power of Moons Essay

  • Submitted by: wnvalswwm150
  • on August 26, 2008
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One of the biggest turn-on for men have been women and their moons (I'm trying to be subtle). Men have always been fixated on the moons, no but(t) or bu(s)ts about it. We know that. As we know this, so do the men and they still are helpless against it. All we have to do is get the right gear, fit in it.. cast the illusion and make men delusional... bend over or stretch her arms or accidentally brush across the arm and ba-ba-boom, ba-ba-bang!

Women have always known the power of cleavage and we have honed our skills and weapons to caste the net, give a peek and reel the fish with great finesse. Small firms could be run on the amount women spend on buying asset enhancing products. We are spoilt for choice and the mrp is just an incidental aspect. Men also have their assets, but how many companies try encasing them in silk, satin, lace? [Though lately, some companies are trying to come out with 'Manties'. I am not kidding! manties are men undergarments with fancy trimmings, materials customized to accommodate (graphic images in my head are making me cringe). Obviously, men were feeling neglected. But, I sincerely doubt its success.]

Despite the fact that the moons have existed since the time of iconic Adam and Eve, their appeal and power hasn't diminished. Its is always fascinating to see amount of hoo-haa men have about cleavage. Some are happy just getting a peak of the strap while others long for that voyeristic glimpse of a fantasy.. the descriptions and ecstasy of some male pals on seeeing a pair of good rack or back wld make a woman feel like Scarlett Johannson (but she will pretend 2 be insulted, of course).

Men are capable of holding a complete conversation with the twins. We should feel flattered that they are not treated as inanimate subjects and subjected to such devout attention. I'm amazed the moons haven't learnt the art 2 blush yet independent of us! In fact, its really special when my moons are given road directions.. obviously i haven't...

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