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Emilio Lajara
Pre-Lab Write Up
Chapter Three

Proteins are made up of amino acids. All amino acids are found in cells. They have an acidic group and an amino group. A peptide is when one or more amino acids form a chain, while a polypeptide is a long chain of amino acids. A protein can contain one or more polypeptide chains.
Carbohydrates have sugars and molecules that form chains of sugars. Glucose is a single sugar unit, while maltose has two sugar units. Glucose is used by all organisms to store energy. Energy is released when glucose is broken down into carbon dioxide and water.
Lipids are compounds that are insoluble in water and soluble in solvents. Lipids include fats, oils,   phospholipids, steroids, and cholesterol.

Protein-The materials used in protein were test tubes, distilled water, albuminun, pepsin, starch, and biuret reagent.
Carbohydrates- The materials used in carbohydrates were test tubes, water, starch, suspension, onion juice, potato juice, glucose solutions, and iodine (IKI).
Lipids- The materials used in this section were Water, piece of brown paper bag, and vegetable oil.

Protein-In this experiment we are testing for protein in each solution. We pour drops of   biuret reagent into the different contents. If the liquid turns purple, then protein is active.
Carbohydrates- In this experiment We test for starch. We pour drops of Iodine onto the different liquids. If starch is present the liquid is to turn a blue/black color.
Lipids- In this experiment we are testing for lipids. We pour a drop or two of water onto one piece of paper bag and another drop of oil onto a different piece of paper bag. After a couple of minutes we   identify for lipids. If the paper bag leaves an oily spot then lipids is active.

Expected Results-
The hypothesis of all experiments were true. Protein is in fact active when the liquid turns purple due to biuret reagent. Starch is active when the...

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